Altitude of Gratitude

How high can you fly?

When we are grateful, our spirit soars!… our heart expands….. and our mind is open.

When we are grateful the Wellspring flows unimpeded through our physical being and through our lives.  The feeling of it rising is palpable.

Today I had my first ocean swim for the season.  What a feeling!  Talk about the altitude of gratitude!  Amidst perfect weather, my favourite blend of sand and aquas, BIG skies and deep indigo blues, I was SO struck with gratitude I actually felt it rising up inside of me.  The water was delicious.  Actually at one point I caught myself tasting the salt on my lips, thinking mmmmm!!!

fullsizeoutput_90e.jpegIt. Was. So. Good.

All of the tension of the past few weeks; the tight shoulders, the rushing about, the grumbly hormonal headaches that have been ‘a thing’, have now left me.  I feel free and energised by a force so great and so beautiful and so amazing that I could burst(!) my heart is so swollen with love.  Life on earth is such a blessing!

Last night I hosted the annual Find Your Voice Singing Soiree.  This is an evening where I invite all of my singing students and their families along to my home for a special evening of song, swimming and sizzling great food.  This year our little community of families has grown and we filled the entire back yard.  It was such a gorgeous evening, filled with goodness on so many levels.  I am so proud of all of my incredibly talented students!  And so privileged to be apart of something so uplifting.

It really feels like, the more we can be grateful for all of the great things in our lives, large and small, the higher you may be able to go and the greater the altitude you may reach!

This week at MYSHA, we are CELEBRATING the year we have had together.  We have reached the final week in our Wellspring Process and it’s time to reflect and review and explore the altitude of our gratitude!

If you would like to join me for this beautiful practice, please be in touch.

Thursday afternoon 3.45-5.15pm for MYSHA Girls

Friday morning 9.30am for MYSHA Women

Friday afternoon 3.45-5.15pm, MYSHA for Kids.

Please stay tuned for some singing and sound therapy events over the summer holidays, as well as a creative workshop in the new year!

Much love and gratitude,

Melissa ♡


Opening up to clearly SEE

Now I see meme

What would it mean to you to have…

  • clearer vision of your path ahead,
  • greater insight into life’s experiences and the meaning of it all and
  • a voice within that you can trust to guide you in the right direction for your highest good?

These are the benefits of heightened intuition – or inner tuition; our central guidance system, inner compass and higher voice.

In times past, long before technology changed our lives, we relied upon our intuition on a daily basis, over and over. We would listen out for sounds in the environment, watch for light increasing or fading, tune into our primal, felt sense to make decisions, and weigh up the signals toward survival.  We still do this to some extent, although our ability to use and more importantly, to trust in our intuition has largely been lost in modern day life.

At MYSHA this week, we will be exploring the gift of intuition.  We have come far in our WellSPRING process, from the seed courageously emerging from the darkness out into the light, right up to the blossoming flower.  With our petals unfurled, now out in full bloom, we reveal our centre.  When we centre ourselves deep in this place, we gain fuller, clearer vision and a new perspective of how we are in the world.  Once we have this awareness, we can decide how/where we want to be and navigate our way forward. Our new seeds are already forming and this part of the MYSHA Wellspring Process prepares us for the path ahead.

If you would like to join us in our multimodal exploration of the gift of intuition, the third eye – Ajna chakra and how it can work for you, through the MYSHA practice, please be in touch.  We have groups for women, girls and for the children, as well as personal sessions.

May your way forward be clear,

Melissa ♡

MYSHA Wellbeing Circle for Women Friday from 9.30am

MYSHA for Girls Thursday 3.45-5.15pm

MYSHA for Kids Friday 3.45-5.15pm



I love the word blossom….
…because I love the double meaning of this word.
On the one hand, it refers to the flowers which come as a plant matures.  Ian White, Australian Bush Flower Essences founder and third generation botanist, teaches that the flower is the highest form of expression of the plant.
The second definition is “to mature and develop in a promising or healthy way”… and this one isn’t just for the plants of course.  When we think of ourselves blossoming, we see the fruits of our labour – the rewards at the end of the long journey of growth and effort.
Blossom.jpgFor some, blossoming happens naturally, for others it takes a bit of elbow grease; but for all of us, (plants included) we usually cannot blossom unless we have the right conditions for growth to happen.
And so it is in our lives.  When we set the intention to take good care of ourselves and get our needs met, we place ourselves in the best position to thrive and to blossom.
This week we are exploring this next phase of the WellSPRING Process and what it means for us to blossom and express our true nature.  And MYSHA is the perfect platform for us to do this in a myriad of creative and expressive ways!
If you would like to join us, please contact me.
MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing circle – Friday from 9.30am
MYSHA Girls – Thursday 3.45-5.15pm
MYSHA for Kids – Friday 3.45-5.15pm
Wellspring blessings,
Melissa 🌸

What comes next?

The little bud featured in this week’s image (from my back garden) has literally, just this week timed its appearance perfectly for this next stage of growth in our WellSPRING process.  I so love seeing the messages of this inner work reflected back to me in my natural surroundings.


So now, the bud emerges, pregnant with our highest loving potential.

This is potentially a very exciting time!  We take our first true glimpse of the ‘fruits’ of our practice.  It can also mean it’s time to get our ‘brave’ on.  To find our courage.  To look deep inside the heart and lovingly affirm ourselves, to open up and reveal our true colours.

I wonder what aspect in your life, comes to mind when you think of the symbol/metaphor of the brand new bud?

Here are some questions we can ask ourselves at this point in the WELLSPRING PROCESS:

When you tune into your heart, what is the flower waiting to emerge?

What does a bud need to keep progressing?   Warmth, nutrients, light, water?

What does it mean to you, to open your heart to fuller expression of the real and very beautiful You?

What are you needing, thinking, feeling, sensing, and/or intuiting right now?

If you would like to explore this further, you are very welcome to join our gorgeous group of MYSHA Women, this Friday from 9.30am.  To book or make your enquiry, please contact me.

In the usual MYSHA way, we will take a multimodal journey through the ancient arts of meditation and yoga together with creative arts expression to see what treasures we might unfold and discover about our most authentic selves.  This is where real and lasting change can happen.  This is where women just like you and I, can realise the benefits of a self-aware, arts-based practice and togetherness with like-mindeds.

Many blessings,



Empowering Practice

How does our practice empower us?

Human beings are truly magnificent creations.  When we make a decision to master something new – if we practice that new skill correctly and with enough frequency, our brains develop stronger and faster neural connections.  This means that over time, mastery is achieved and practice really can make “perfect”.  (For a nice, easy neurobiology lesson on how it works on a cellular level, you can read more here.)

This week, our wellspring process takes us further along the journey of the growing seed to the tiny sprout’s first production of leaves.  Here, the life (and wellspring) of the plant bursts forth a ladder-like formation of leaves in a repeating pattern up the stem – which strengthens as it develops.  Soon enough, the tiny leaves develop into larger leaves and onward and upwards the plant climbs, no more just a tiny seed in the ground!

Leaves Meme.JPG

It’s such a great metaphor for how repetitive, organised practice helps us to develop and become our bigger, better selves.  If the goal we set ourselves can be likened to the plant flowering and blossoming into its full beauty and magnificence, then this stage of growth is critical.  Only once the plant has matured through steady growth of leaves and stem can it begin to blossom.

So this week is all about rolling up our sleeves, doing the work, putting the time in and persevering with our practice knowing that we are on our way to achieving our ultimate goals.

Each leaf, large or small, is a step towards the flower at the top.  So in what way, can we use this metaphor in our lives?  What is it that you need to practice to reach your goal?

Besides practising for the big targets we set ourselves through life, like studying for a qualification, giving a speech, learning a musical instrument, training for a sporting event, or going for that big job, here are some less obvious but perhaps just as meaningful ideas to practice up which help us to become our bigger, better soul selves….

  • learning to smile and say thank you each time someone pays us a compliment
  • learning how to say ‘no’ when someone oversteps a personal boundary
  • mindfully setting the intention to ‘drink in’ a ‘big moment’ as it is happening
  • taking five minutes every night to reflect upon our day and to be grateful
  • stopping to look in the mirror and tell ourselves “I love you”
  • listening to our body whenever it hurts or is hungry or tired and responding with self loving kindness
  • choosing our battles wisely
  • taking the time out and going for that beach walk or swim
  • journalling about our significant moments
  • sharing our hopes and dreams, struggles and disappointments with a good listener
  • meditating and connecting to the divine every day
  • learning something new each day/week/month/year
  • uncovering and following a new passion

….the list is endless.

The message is the same…..

In order to flourish and to blossom, we need to practice!  Add to that a little perseverance and patience and we are well on our way.

If you would like some creative support to EMPOWER yourself with practice, please join us this week at the MYSHA heARTSpace!

With love and blessings,

Melissa ♡


Out of the darkness

When a seed has lain in the embrace of fertile, rich soil for long enough, moist with life-giving rain and warmed by the rays of the sun, the wellspring within that little seed simply cannot hold back any longer.  The seed must eventually give way to flow and to growth.

It’s a beautiful metaphor for us as we progress on our spiritual path of personal growth, isn’t it!

Once we have planted the seeds of our desires, dreams and goals and nurture them lovingly, meeting their needs and ensuring just the right conditions, we are ready to emerge, thirsting for the next stage.

As tempting as it is to rush onward and upward, this week however, we aren’t going to surge on ahead into the new light of being too quickly.  For to do so, would be to rocket past some of the most beautiful insights to be had along the way and also some of the most meaningful (and tricky) in terms of growth.

Instead, let’s take some time to be mindfully present.  To sit with the experience of becoming and of transformation and what that means for us.

In the darkness, the tiny seed has to trust.  Before any real glimpse of light can be had, the seed must break itself open.  Whenever something is broken, there is an ending.  Just as the seed leaves behind its once fully contained form, when we embark on substantial new growth, we too leave something behind.

Sometimes bursting open with new life and new possibilities can be experienced with great expansion of the heart and excitement for what’s to come, but other times the loss of how things used to be can feel like our heart is literally breaking.

I wonder how it is for you?

I really encourage you to take some time to notice where in your life right now you are being called to surge forward, to grow and to make changes – big or small.

When we cultivate awareness about “what it’s like for me” throughout these transitions, we can gain important information about ourselves.  And when we come to know ourselves better in this crazy life, the things that happen tend to become less of a shock and we can even surprise ourselves by the grace with which we can manage.

Will you step into the light of awareness with me?

Join our Women’s Wellbeing circle this Friday morning from 9.30am.
Make you bookings and enquiries here.

Rich blessings,

Melissa ♡

Placing your order in the “Cosmic Kitchen”

While last week, we claimed our sacred ground and prepared the garden bed for our inner wellspring to manifest its truth, beauty and goodness, this week our MYSHA WellSPRING Process sharpens our focus on getting our needs met.

What seeds we plant (which aspect/s of our lives we choose to bring more flow to), are completely up to you.  Once we fine tune what this is and we plant our seeds with loving intention, it’s time to think about how we’re going to set our wellspring garden up for success!

Years ago, I was introduced to author Patricia Crane’s concept of the cosmic kitchen.  This is the idea that we needn’t curtail our goals, desires, prayers and intentions.  When we place an order in the cosmic kitchen, so to speak, we need only be limited by our own beliefs about what is possible.   Crane encourages that with affirmation and positive feelings and expectation, we open ourselves up to a limitless potential for fulfilment in life.

In a similar way, this week at MYSHA when we ask ourselves what it is we NEED to nourish our tiny seeds, we can be really clear and even ‘uncensored’ about what would best equip us to be able to channel more energy into creating the change/s we seek.  Let me explain with an example.

IMG_9936If for instance, you would like to work on creating space for some spontaneous fun in your life, (perhaps because you’re feeling the constraints of an overly structured and rigid daily routine), then you will likely want to plant seeds for some fun, exciting and spontaneous adventures!  At this stage of our wellspring process, we have already prepared our garden.  That is to say we have already built an awareness of and faith in our inner wellspring and the very real capacity (and sacred responsibility) we have, to ‘call in’ more of what we want in life.  Metaphorically speaking, we have already been preparing our garden to grow this in our lives.  So now we need to nurture these seeds.

The million dollar question is “What do I need to allow this to happen?”  What do these seeds need to grow, to lay down their roots, to sprout and to grow towards the light?!

If you would like some support to identify your needs and to take this journey of growth and wellbeing in your life, please join us this Friday morning!

MYSHA Women’s Wellbeing Circle
from 9.30am
at the MYSHA HeARTSpace, Gold Coast.

For bookings and all enquiries, please contact me here.

WellSPRING Blessings,

Melissa ♡